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Online Backups

Protect Your Data with Online Backups

It’s never too late to start your disaster plan… until it is.

Getting your data off-site is a critical step to any disaster plan. Computers can
be replaced, hardware repurchased and software applications reinstalled but
your data is irreplaceable

Online Backup

We are Your Peace of Mind

Run your business carefree as we are going to take care of your data. No matter what solution you implement in the cloud, the key to a successful experience almost always boils down to the support you get in implementing and servicing that solution. At Noverus, our team of expert technicians are focused on delivering first class support when you need it.

Online backup Features


Noverus’s Online Backup service gives you reliable cloud backups instead of on vulnerable tapes. Add our services and never worry about your data again. read more

Online backup Features

Packages & Pricings

Afforable pricing plans designed to make backup easy to understand and easy to afford. read more

Online backup Features


Noverus client and server backup applications perform together to achieve the ultimate data protection solution. read more

Online backup Features

Data Seeding

Noverus’s Cloud Data seeding makes it easy to transfer your files from one location to other without worry. read more

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Noverus’s Online Backup service gives you reliable cloud backups instead of on vulnerable tapes. Add Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) to your disaster recovery plan and never worry about your data again. In the event you require rapid recovery of your data, you can download your files 24×7 or request an overnight express shipment.

You have questions, we have answers!

How secure is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is very secure. The data centres use military-grade technology to keep your files encrypted and safe. We support SSL transfers between your PC and our servers too, so there’s no risk of people intercepting your data while it is uploaded or downloaded.

All of the data that you put on Cloud Backup is backed up redundantly across multiple locations, so it is fully protected against hardware failure or other damage.

Which operating systems does Cloud Backup support?

The Cloud Backup desktop software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6.

The Cloud Backup web portal can be used by all of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 2 or later and Safari 3 or later. Some features on the web portal require recent versions of Java or Flash.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

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