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Data Seeding

Data Seeding with Security and Reliability

No matter what is the size of data we make sure that it gets transfer at fastest speeds using a secure SSL connection.

Data Seeding
Built to Manage Loads of Data

Encrypted Data via SSL

All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a secure SSL connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or a personal key for added security.

Data Seeding Pricing & Availability

Best Prices and Support

The Noverus Online Backup Data Seeding service is based on the size of the seed per machine backed up. Noverus Online Backup Data Seeding is available all backup customers. For more information or to order your Data Seeding device, call us at 855.366.3212.

Safe and Secure

Serious Data Business

Noverus Hosting takes your data seriously. When you do the initial backup, Noverus Hosting will encrypt your initial backup using either the Noverus Online Backup default key or a personal key of your choice. Noverus Hosting will generate a second encryption key and encrypt your data a second time before transferring any data to the Data Seeding. The second key is transmitted to a central repository via SSL and is destroyed after the data is successfully stored in our data center. As always, your data is stored at rest in encrypted format.

Big Data, Faster Upload

Simple, Reliable and Secure

So how does it work? It’s simple: you order a Data Seeding device from Noverus Hosting, we’ll overnight it to you, and you do the initial backup to the Seeding device. (Incremental backups can occur following the initial backup to the Data Seeding, even before the Seeding arrives to Noverus Hosting.) Put it back in the box and ship it to our data center and you’ve skipped the initial upload over the wire.

Noverus Online Backup supports an easy ‘seed-load’ technology, which allows the initial backup of a large volume of data to a local hard drive, which can be shipped to the Backup Server in the datacenter. This method saves time and bandwidth! This also works the other way around; making disaster recovery tremendously fast.

Speed up initial backup
The initial backup over the internet can take hours or days depending on the amount of data and available bandwidth. Seed-load technology allows you to have the initial backup done onsite to a local hard drive. This disk is physically shipped to the datacenter and moved to the storage location. With this initial backup in place, only the subsequent backups of changed data are made over the internet.

Ultra-fast disaster recovery
In case of a disaster, the backup data can also be restored using a local hard drive. Physically shipping the data saves a lot of time. This allows users to be back-in-business ultra-fast.

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